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Peradeniya National College of Education which aspires to become the Nation’s Centre for Excellence in English Education is the heir to one of the oldest teacher training traditions in Sri Lanka, as the successor to the English Specialist Teachers’ Training College which was established in 1961 at the site of the former Teachers’ Colony set up at Rose Hill Estate in Penideniya, Peradeniya by British missionaries. It is the 18th and the youngest of the National Colleges of Education in Sri Lanka and holds a unique position among them being the only in-service teacher training facility. Today, the College conducts a range of English language programmes including a two-year teacher training programme, a certificate course for educational administrators and an advanced course in language and pedagogy for senior English language teachers. The current participant population stands at 300. Currently medium of instructions are available in English, Sinhala and Tamil.

A delegation from China

A delegation from International Research Centre for Rural Education (INRULED) and The Smart Learning Institute of Beijing visits PNCOE to discuss about the IT Education and Teacher support system and share their experience with us.

Block teaching 1st spell starts..

"Thambara sara" Sinhala Literature day..



Vanivilla 2016



World Teachers' Day 2016

The teacher trainees of the Peradeniya College of Education organized a programme to commemorate the World Teachers’ Day in order to dedicate their respect to the lecturers of the College. Many items were organized in relation to a teacher’s career. All the lecturers including the President Mr.H.H.Ariyadasa participated in this occasion. This was a very significant day for all the prospective teachers in the College to realize the value of a teacher’s career.


To be the Centre for Excellence in English and Foreign language Education in Sri Lanka

Productivity National winners 2013/2014

The Productivity Awarding Ceremony for the National winners 2013/2014 was held at Sethsiripaya Auditorium in the presence of many distinguished guests  and the Minister of  Public Administration and Management, Mr. Ranjit Madduma Bandara in December 2015

More about this Ceremony....


To be the Language Hub of Sri Lanka That trains and moulds Competent English and foreign language learners.


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