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Won National Quality Circle Awards

The PNCoE managed to record two more National Level achievements in the year 2015.  The PNCoE Quality Circle “Kenimadala” won the joint Second Place at the National Quality Circle Competition organized by the National Productivity Secretariat (NPS).  The PNCoE also managed to secure a third place in the National Productivity Competition held among State Sector “A” grade institutions organized by the NPS.  In 2014 the PNCoE was able to win a Merit Award at the National Productivity Competition.



To be the Center for Excellence in English and Foreign language Education in Sri Lanka

Productivity National winners 2013/2014

The Productivity Awarding Ceremony for the National winners 2013/2014 was held at Sethsiripaya Auditorium in the presence of many distinguished guests  and the Minister of  Public Administration and Management, Mr. Ranjit Madduma Bandara in December 2015

More about this Ceremony....

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